Behind the Scenes

The big week is here! The wedding is only a few short days away and everyone is feeling the pressure. Last minute preparations and changes. We're all just wanting it to be over - including the bride and groom. Which is understandable if not a little sad. The anticipation and excitement should override at least…Read more Behind the Scenes


Yay, Frugality!!

If you've been following my blog for a while you know how much I appreciate frugality. It is probably one the most responsible things we can be as adults. Imagine not being in debt up to your eyeballs... That is what frugality can do for you. It can also relieve so much stress and pressure.…Read more Yay, Frugality!!

Enjoy the Company of Family

I've written several posts about the stress and anxiety that comes with social gatherings for me - for all introverts. It sometimes makes what are supposed to be joyous occasions horrendous nightmares of self-doubt - even when I'm fairly certain I haven't done anything wrong. Being aware of how these situations affect me and that…Read more Enjoy the Company of Family