What Can You Live Without?

What can you live without? This is another question that runs through my mind from time to time. In many ways this question is just as, if not more, important as asking where we want to be. Because a lot of the time we have to sacrifice something to get where we want to be.…Read more What Can You Live Without?

Loose Ends

Huge, big, colossal sigh... I finished my double wedding ring afghan. Then I understood what loose ends really means. I literally had hundreds of loose ends to weave into the blanket after I attached all of the pieces. I swore - a lot... To say I had a love/hate relationship with this blanket would be…Read more Loose Ends

A frugal life is a creative life

A frugal life is a creative life... I came across this line the other day while I was reading Meet the Frugalwoods¬†and it made me smile because it's something I've believed for quite some time. Maybe you haven't heard about the Frugalwoods. They are a couple who decided that the consumerism lifestyle wasn't for them.…Read more A frugal life is a creative life