I am still working my way through The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. I wrote about a chapter a while back called Are Purpose and Meaning Overrated because it resonated with me in a major way. The whole book has really, but I'm still not ready to write a complete review. It may…Read more Shifting


Are Purpose and Meaning Overrated?

I finally started reading The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. I haven't finished yet so I won't be doing a full review in this post. But I read a chapter that, had I read it in my 20s, would have more than likely changed the course of my career if not my life.…Read more Are Purpose and Meaning Overrated?

*Review* Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday

It took some work, but I finally finished Ryan Holiday's latest book Conspiracy. Not because it was particularly long - it was less than 300 pages - but because it was packed with information, quotes, and such. If you're not familiar it is a book about the man, Peter Thiel, who brought Gawker down by…Read more *Review* Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday