I am an introvert. That means different things to different people. To me that means that interaction with other people - other than R.J., my husband - is difficult, painful even. I used to think it was because I always felt dirty somehow afterwards. But I've come to understand it's because the longer I converse…Read more Exposed


NGTS – Pt. 32

Ah, summer is finally here! Aside from raining pretty much non-stop for the last month or so it's nice to have warmer weather. And my plants are going crazy!! I'm still recuperating from the wedding which may sound crazy if you're not an introvert. I literally did not speak to anyone I know for two…Read more NGTS – Pt. 32

The More We Say, The More We Give Away

I survived!! I did more than that. I actually had a good time at the shower I attended last weekend. Sure there were awkward moments and my feet hurt by the end, but all-in-all it went very well. It helped that I was able to focus on things and people other than myself. I can't…Read more The More We Say, The More We Give Away