Growth, Not Perfection

I'm not perfect. I think that at least once a day, every day. Not as a way to put myself down but to free myself from the pressure and anxiety that comes with striving for perfection. An unobtainable goal. So I was caught quite off guard the other day when I had a complete meltdown…Read more Growth, Not Perfection

With the Grain

If you've done any woodworking at all then you know you need to go with the grain. That goes for staining, sealing, sanding, even cleaning. Even if no one has ever shown you the proper way to work with wood it's kind of instinctual. You can go against the grain but it just doesn't feel…Read more With the Grain

The Partner We Should Strive to Be

A while back I wrote about not being afraid to start over. Mostly I was talking about projects but sometimes starting over applies to bigger parts of our lives. I meant what I said. We really shouldn't be afraid to start over. Even if it means we have to rip out everything we've done up…Read more The Partner We Should Strive to Be

The Frugal Approach

I do some of my best thinking while doing home improvement projects. Something that requires some skill but not a lot of concentration. Some would call it menial labor. Some people think menial labor is beneath them. Not me. There's nothing like good old-fashioned demolition to get the mind into the next gear. Something repetitive…Read more The Frugal Approach