You could have been a part of this…

Every so often I go down the 'what might have been' road. It usually leads to tears and regret. And takes me days to recover afterward. Sometimes it just makes me angry. This time was different. Now that I know my mother is dead this type of thinking just leads me to sad resignation. It…Read more You could have been a part of this…

Almost No Regrets

For some odd reason I thought it was a good idea to write a post which was a letter to my mother around Mother's Day 4 years ago. I have a pretty good idea of what most of my posts are about but this one I try to hold at arm's length. Then I thought…Read more Almost No Regrets

Another Milestone of our Growth

I was all set to write about circumstances and human behavior that just have me dumbfounded, heartbroken, and angry. Who knows, I probably still will, but now. Something changed when I broke with tradition and brought out all of my Christmas decorations. Yeah, I know, me and everybody else. But, hey, surrounding ourselves with things…Read more Another Milestone of our Growth

Move Out of the Land of Make-Believe

I had something else in mind to write about today but something has taken over social media that I just can't ignore. It's all these quotes being shared from shows and movies by characters standing up for themselves who are angry, frustrated, unwilling to let go. I suppose it's nothing new but I started wondering…Read more Move Out of the Land of Make-Believe