Stitch by Stitch – Pt. 14

It's baby shower season! For my family anyway. It's the best season in the world for crafters in general and crocheters specifically. It gives us a reason to try new patterns, either ones we find or create ourselves. I've found that there are way more talented creators out there so I generally try to find…Read more Stitch by Stitch – Pt. 14


I originally was going to call this post Day 1. As in, it's the first day of the new year. A new beginning. We can all start over... Except I should really call this post Day 366. Because part of making progress, learning, growing is being able to take a minute to appreciate the progress…Read more Progress

Another Milestone of our Growth

I was all set to write about circumstances and human behavior that just have me dumbfounded, heartbroken, and angry. Who knows, I probably still will, but now. Something changed when I broke with tradition and brought out all of my Christmas decorations. Yeah, I know, me and everybody else. But, hey, surrounding ourselves with things…Read more Another Milestone of our Growth

Good Things Yet to Come

I caved. I just couldn't wait any longer. We bought this snowman earlier this year. You know, before. Before our lives changed. Before the uncertainty of our futures came crashing down on our heads. It was quite the win finding this snowman at Costco after Christmas. They never have holiday clearance items. If you see…Read more Good Things Yet to Come