Redundant Success

I wrote a review the other day about the latest book by Ryan Holiday, Conspiracy, and it had a passage that keeps coming back around. In the book, which I highly recommend reading if you haven't already, he writes:       And so the essential trait of the successful man is not only perseverance…Read more Redundant Success


I’ll be happy when…

I'll be happy when... I can't wait for... My life can begin when... Have you ever said anything like this? I know I have. And if I wasn't saying it then I sure was thinking it. I was never happy or content with what I had, even if what I had was something I had…Read more I’ll be happy when…

People are like Yucca plants

It's fall here in northeast Ohio, so we've been getting the yard cleaned up for winter. Something new for me, but that's a different post... I've also been able to transplant some existing plants to create new flower beds and straighten up existing ones around the house. Even if you're not the outdoorsy, landscape type…Read more People are like Yucca plants