Our True Nature

I used to think I loved order and precise beauty. I used to think the only proper way to landscape was with precision and formality. I fought my true nature for so long…

And I do appreciate a good professional landscape. A formal garden. A fantasy land where no weeds grow.

But see here’s the thing – we humans aren’t the only things that can be high maintenance. And not all beauty requires a lot of work…

I’ll let that sink in for a minute for those of you who, like me, just don’t have the energy to stay anxious 24/7 for some made-up ideal of what beauty truly is. And, yet, we still somehow manage to do it anyway.

So now I look around at my gardens, which doesn’t need so much maintenance, and see all the craziness of the blooms and can’t help but smile. They weather storms and droughts and Japanese Beetles and my lack of weeding and are still beauty personified.

I’m not saying that professionally landscaped yards aren’t great to look at. I like to see yards like that for ideas but I just can’t forget how awesome it is to use native plants and let things grow organically. It is a lot less stressful and, of course, a more frugal approach to landscaping.

I don’t know, I think it’s a lot easier to appreciate natural beauty when we’re not so stressed out. And maybe if we’re not so stressed out about our surroundings we can finally relax about ourselves. We can finally be our true selves. We can accept our true nature and see how beautiful it really is.

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