Take a Moment

Ricky Julian Merry ChristmasThe baking is finished and the presents are wrapped – or at least purchased…

Ah, I’ve rewritten this post several times and each time it has come out bitchier than the last and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. This has been the least stressful, most laid-back holiday season yet. But I’m still cranky and wound up.

Eh, but that’s not your problem…

If you find yourself in the same boat, though, I’m sorry. Perhaps if we remind ourselves of the magic of the season, of how we can bring a little bit of joy to our circle, of how we can do our part to promote peace on Earth then maybe we can let go of the pettiness, stress, and crankiness.

Perhaps if we remind ourselves how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads, someone to kiss and hug, and presents under a tree – or however you choose to celebrate the season – then we can take a minute to say thank you and enjoy the day, or hell just one moment.

I’ll make a deal with you. I will take a moment – just one, really take it – to put aside the anxiety and stress and take a deep breath and let go. If you will.

There, isn’t that better…

Merry Christmas!


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