Our Mind’s Lens

winter pond 2Here in beautiful Northeast Ohio we’re in the icky part of winter. At least I think so. Everything is dead and we haven’t had a significant enough of a snow storm to hide the brown. Almost every day is cloudy and gray.

It is hard to find the beauty in nature this time of year.

Or so I thought…

R.J. and I recently went for a walk in the park near our house and we came across a man taking photos. My comment was something along the lines of, ‘What could he possibly be taking pictures of? Everything is dead.’

I wasn’t necessarily in a bad mood. The temperature was relatively mild and we were able to walk outside. That counts a good day, no matter how cloudy, around here this time of year.

Maybe I was just jealous that he was able to find something worthy of a picture when I wasn’t. I was too focused on the gray, the dead to see anything I could photograph. We walked on, but I couldn’t get that guy out of my head. I wanted to know what he saw that he could turn into a nice photograph.

And isn’t that the way? We stumble across someone who is happy, content and we get irritated because we don’t feel that way. Or we come across one of those rare, ‘weird’ people who can manage to always find the good in every situation. They are almost always super kind and considerate and understanding.

Yeah, I’m not one of those people. At least not naturally. I have learned over the years that I can find the good most of the time if I try. But I still wanted to know what that guy saw and if I would have thought it was worth the effort of taking a photo of it.

I never saw the guy again so I will never know. But I found something I could take a photo of toward the end of our walk of the pond in the park.

Even on a gray, dreary, dead day.

And that, my friends, is the point. Even when we’re stuck in the grayest, deadest parts of life we can still find something worthy of remembering. Something worthy of taking a photograph of if we will only look. If we can somehow look past the bad. If we can use our mind’s lens to focus on the beauty all around us instead of our problems.


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