Pinterest Rules!

xmas vaseI was introduced to Pinterest by my brother-in-law’s ex-girlfriend. At the time I wasn’t too excited because to use the site I needed a Facebook account. Yeah, I’m still not all that fond of Facebook, but Pinterest is an amazing resource.

I find something new every day on that site. I’ve found patterns, recipes, books, and the idea to make this holiday themed vase. I made two since I had matching vases, a Joann Fabrics gift card, and time on my hands.

I think Pinterest is probably the best social media outlet around. Sure you can write a comment about the picture you post to a board, but nine times out of ten the picture speaks for itself. I’m sure there’s some negative stuff on there too, but for the most part I only see helpful, inspiring, money-saving posts.

How freaking awesome is that!

An exchange of ideas meant to help and uplift other people. And a great way to organize ideas for future use. It’s so funny, as I’m sitting here writing this I received an email alert from Pinterest telling me 18 new ideas waiting for me. I love it.

Sure some of them are things that don’t really interest me or sales-oriented, but most are at least interesting to look at. Also I learned how to fold money to give away as presents. If you haven’t seen that yet you should especially with the holidays right around the corner. Who doesn’t love getting money as a gift? And this way it’s at least a little more creative than shoving money in an envelope.

I know how easy it is to find the bad, the negative. Most of the time it finds us. We never start out looking for what’s wrong with the world or us or the bad things that can happen. It’s a skill we’re taught either by our families or experience – most often through a combination of the two.

And now we have social media – hell, media period – to feed the negativity. To help point out all the crap of the world and why we can never, ever be happy. So when I find something that is readily available to everyone that brings a smile to my face, that I can learn from, that inspires me to do some pretty cool things, that shows me that no matter how awful my day was there are still people out there sharing goodness and light I have to share. Because at the end of the day I too want to be in the group who share goodness and light.

And Pinterest rules!


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