The Snits Must Die

IMG_20180320_0043Have you ever been in a snit? Have you ever been asked why you’re in such a snit? Have you ever even heard of a snit?

I have and let me tell you I am a grade A, professional snitter. And some of the snits I’ve been in have been over some pretty stupid stuff. I think the word irrational is missing in the definition, because most irritations are so irrational.

That is why I’ve decided to give up some of my snits. Notice I said some. You can’t just go cold turkey when it comes to snits. At least I can’t.

But the time has come to let some shit go. I won’t go into details because they’re really not important. Besides I’m sure most of you can relate and are mulling over your own snits and grinning in grim satisfaction. Come on, you know what I’m talking about. The righteous indignation that comes from being so irritated you don’t care how you treat people. After all, if they didn’t irritate you there wouldn’t be a problem, right?

Why did I decide to let go of my snits – at least some of them? There’s a few different reasons, but the main one is because some of them were private snits. Things that irritated me that I couldn’t share with other people without looking like a colossal bitch.

Except the longer I kept the snits alive the more they leaked out at inopportune times. I started to believe that I was probably not a very nice person. That I hated people. That I was a horrible friend, horrible human being.

So the snits must die. I’m not crazy or delusional. I know I will be irritated again and soon, but I don’t have to let these irritations cause me to behave badly. With the holiday season upon us it is the perfect time to let all the irritations go.

The snits must die!


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