Stitch by Stitch

peacockI’ve set aside the crocheting for now. Well, I do have one sweater I’m in the middle of making, but I needed a break. I have found that each different type of craft works different parts of my brain. It feeds different parts of my soul.

If you’re not into crafting or don’t have hobbies I don’t really expect you to understand, but if you feel like something is missing in your life I highly recommend you find something that challenges you, requires problem-solving, or just allows you to be creative.

There is something powerful about being about to make something – even if it doesn’t turn out well the first time.

I needed to take a break from crocheting, though, so I decided to finish a cross-stitch project I had started a couple of years ago. I hate not finishing projects now, but sometimes cross-stitch gets way too tedious. And this one was no different.

In case you’re not familiar, cross-stitch is a craft where you create a picture by making thousands of little x’s or crosses with thread. Then there is the detailing where you have to outline everything with back stitches or couching or french knots.

Like I said, tedious. But, oh so satisfying if you the type that needs things to be neat, orderly, and straight. It requires more concentration than crocheting unless the pattern is needlessly complicated. And, believe me, there are some designers out there who think it’s their life’s mission to make the most needlessly complicated patterns they can.

But I’m getting away from my point. After I finished the cross-stitch pictured above I started a new one. My latest cross-stitch project is of a window looking in on a living room decorated for Christmas. Yep, Christmas. I love Christmas. The lights. The decorations. The sparkle. Oh, and the cookies. Can’t forget the cookies…

I started with the outline of the window and couldn’t help but smile when the picturechristmas window started to emerge. I know what the finished project will look like, but a picture is different then seeing the actual finished product. There’s detail missing in the photo. Then there’s the fact that I made this with my own two hands. I’m telling you, you don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never built or created anything.

I couldn’t help but think that maybe life is like a cross-stitch project. Everyday, stitch by stitch, we work on the picture of our life. Most days we only add a few stitches here and there. Some days we screw up, putting the wrong colors in the wrong places and have to undo the work and start over. Some days we’re determined to finish a section and make real progress.

But the most important part is that we keep adding stitches until we have a picture – a life – we can look at with pride and satisfaction.

Stitch by stitch until the picture is complete…


5 thoughts on “Stitch by Stitch

  1. I’m a crafter too. I love cross-stitch but I knit instead of crochet. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Some of the projects are hard. Some, not so much. With each one, though, if you give up in the middle of it, you never get to see the completed picture.

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  2. Exactly. I hit it usually in the middle of my novels. Just can’t seem to get through one without hitting it. But at least now I know that I have to keep going and that eventually, it turns out right. Oh, and by the way, that peacock is stunning.


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