Change Starts at Home

Edward HaleTomorrow is Election Day in the United States. It is a very polarizing election which I believe will only continue. Times have changed and they haven’t…

This post is not about telling you who to vote for. I honestly don’t care, but you should vote. It is one thing in this great life we live that we have complete control over. No one tells us who or what to vote for.

I recently had a heated discussion with a couple of people about the futility of voting.  I believe the direct comment was, ‘nothing’s going to change. They’ll put the people in office they want no matter how I vote so why bother.’

I’ll tell you right now I overreacted. These people are almost 20 years younger than me and I was so angry that they have given up. I forgot, conveniently, that I was just as disillusioned when I was their age. I was just as angry. I believed it was never going to change, never going to get better.

Maybe that’s why their words hit me so hard. I think I scared them a little bit with my vehement response. But dammit how are things ever, ever going to change if we all just give up? If we all think everything is too hard or just a waste of time.

Change is never easy and it doesn’t happen over night or in one election, but it does happen and most often for the better. The only way change doesn’t happen, can’t happen, is if we do nothing. Is if we give up. Is if we sit on our asses and complain about how this country is going to hell in a hand basket and there’s just nothing we can do.

But see there is something we can do and voting is only a small part of it. Change starts at home. It starts with our circle of influence no matter how small. It starts with our attitudes, opinions, and beliefs. And I would venture to say that these circles of influence are growing every day with social media.

But how in the world can we ever have a positive change, no matter how small, when we believe there’s no point in making a stand. There’s no point in trying.

I refuse to believe that each of us can’t have a positive influence on this world as long as we try. It may not be on a national or even regional stage, but we can have a positive influence on others. And eventually once there are enough like-minded people who come together they can make a bigger difference.

I was listening to a couple of sports’ announcers and one of them proposed a question.

Would you rather have $1,000,000 or a penny doubled for 30 days?

Of course the instant reaction is to take the $1,000,000. Fast cash. No waiting. Instant gratification. Change in the blink of an eye.

But see if you double one lousy penny every day for 30 days you would end up with $5,368,709.12. Wow! In one month you could have five times the money or a way bigger, sustainable change.

The only way that can happen, though, is if we decide that no matter what is happening around us we’re not going to give up, we’re not going to give in, we’re going to live meaningful, positive lives.

Change starts at home…


2 thoughts on “Change Starts at Home

  1. In the mid 80’s I was a legislative trustee for the USAF Sergeants association, one of the projects was to have an absentee ballot drive. Siting out front of the base exchange with requests for absentee ballots and a book of all the addresses for the registrar of voters in each county and parish in America. I was taken back at how many military members said my vote won’t count etc. in my perspective I thought military of all people the military people will be voting on the person or persons that will send us to an unfriendly environment. I agree it is very important that we use this gift given to us by our founders in order to keep this right and all the other rights we have been blessed to have. We are unlike other nations that have rulers, we have representatives. we are the government. our charge it is keep it free. Thanks for your thoughts.

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