Discovery is Impossible with a Closed Mind

RJ 2I would like to say that I plan my posts with precision and meaning. That my thoughts are organized and, well, well thought out. But, as you may recall, I don’t like to lie.

The truth of the matter is that my ramblings are due, in most part, to external forces that cause internal musings. Instead of reacting immediately, now I take those emotions, reactions and mull them over much like a wine aficionado would a fine wine. Then I start typing.

I just finished watching Frasier, the spin-off of Cheers that started back in the ’90s so I now have a bunch of ideas about wine and the finer things in life. Mostly I learned how easy it is to waste money, but that’s another post.

I’m usually not a big fan of sitcoms and I thought I hated this one too, but I watched all 11 seasons without becoming angry or annoyed. I even cried during the last episode. Yeah, I know, but these people got inside my head and became a part of me. I cared. And they covered a lot of hard-hitting issues within the confines of a sitcom brilliantly.

The writing was funny and certainly played well to most audiences, but after a few episodes I got the same feeling I get when I watch a well-written animated movie. On the surface the movie is meant for little kids or simple minds, but the writing is meant for adults. I love that when it’s done right…

So what does that have to do with the way I write my blog? Maybe not all that much other than sometimes I need to take a break. Sometimes I need turn my mind off long enough to stop the nitpicking, the analyzing, the worrying. Sometimes it’s okay to enjoy something for enjoyment’s sake. Sometimes – GASP – it’s okay to not criticize, judge, belittle something or someone we don’t understand.

We can even go back to something we thought we hated just to see if we still feel that way. You never know and I have found I know pretty quickly if I still don’t like something so there’s not much wasted time there. And when I find something new it’s the best feeling. Like I’m some explorer finding a long-lost tribe.

The older I get the more important discovery is to me. I’m beginning to believe that discovery is the reason we’re here. It’s impossible to discover anything with a closed mind and if I don’t shut mine off for a while it closes itself off on its own. Like some kind of defense mechanism.

But there I go again…

So why not take a minute, take a breath, and just enjoy something for enjoyment’s sake? I think you’ll like what you ‘discover’ along the way.


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