The Joy of Something New

JM fearThere are many sayings and memes about fear. Some are trite. Some are funny. Some are patronizing.

This quote was from an article written by Joyce Meyer. You may or may not have heard of her, but I highly recommend you check her out even if you’re not a Christian. Especially if you’re not a Christian. She has a way of taking the religion out of Christianity. Something that has needed to be done for quite some time…

But back to fear. We all feel it in varying degrees. Sometimes it’s even paralyzing. Sometimes it’s irrational. Sometimes it’s just plain crazy.

Most often I have found my fear hits me the hardest as I’m about to do something or go somewhere new. Fear of the unknown. I suppose why this quote hit me like it did. I can’t tell you how many times I almost let fear keep me from doing what I wanted to do.

The last time I took a horse back riding lesson is a perfect example. I had bought the lesson on Groupon for a farm down the road from my house because I wanted to see if horse back riding was something I still wanted to do.

Everything was going fine until I walked up the stairs and was standing by the horse. He was a retired thoroughbred and he was huge. I mean larger than I could have ever imagined. So there I was looking at the horse trying not to freak out, ignoring the fact that all these little girls were staring at me like I had lost my mind.

I was so scared. I don’t mind telling you that there was a minute where I was ready just to turn my happy ass right around and run right out there. I mean it wasn’t like I was starting a new career as a horse rancher or something…

But, no, I haven’t gotten where I’m at by running no matter how scared I am. So I took a deep breath, grabbed the saddle, prayed the horse didn’t move suddenly, and got on the horse. If you’re not used to riding a horse let me tell you it is freaky. Freaky awesome!!

I was able to finish the lesson and had fun, which I wouldn’t have had if I had let my fear take hold. And more importantly I have another experience of overcoming fear to help me the next time I face something difficult or scary.

I know you’re probably facing much scarier situations. I know I have, but that’s the funny thing about fear. It comes when we face big or small challenges. It comes when we’re faced with the past. It comes especially when we don’t want it to. The really cool thing, though, is we don’t have to let fear rule our lives.

It’s like any other emotion – we can control it.

Here’s to the joy of new experiences!


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