Functional Repurposing

New kitchen shelvesRepurposing.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this trend. In case you haven’t it involves find a new use or purpose for an item. It’s not anything earth shattering. Nor is it a particularly new idea, but I have found there is a big difference using an old item as an art piece and using something for a functional purpose.

I call it functional repurposing. It is a must for the frugal-minded. And a great way to take a step toward financial independence since it doesn’t require any drastic changes or cutbacks.

For example I found some shelves in our basement which we took down when I waterproofed the walls. I was going to throw out the shelves and brackets since they were stained, but then I remembered I wanted to put up some shelves in the kitchen. So I decided to buy some spray paint and see if the shelves could be salvaged.

I am happy to say they turned out very well. For the cost of a couple of cans of spray paint I now have two new shelves in my kitchen. Functional repurposing. The very cool part is that once you train your mind to think of ways to reuse things you find tons of ways to save things. Especially in an old house.

This led me to refinishing all of the interior doors. It is so gratifying to be able to bring new life to old things. It brings you closer to the history of the building and, if you’re like R.J. and I who bought the family home, family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love new things. There is a certain rush when you buy something especially when it’s something you’ve been waiting for, but it is so short-lived. Half the time whatever I buy either breaks or I lose it or I lose interest in it long before there is any significant return on my investment.

But if I can reuse something I already have even if it doesn’t last too long it’s okay because it didn’t really cost me anything and I was able to reduce my footprint on this world.  Not to mention I am able to learn new skills and exercise my creativity.

I know renovating and repurposing can be intimidating at first, but once you get started I guarantee it will change the way you do things. And it won’t be long before you’re well on your way to a renovated home and financial independence!


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