Gratitude – The Greatest Currency

GratitudeAfter my rant in my last post I decided that I needed to concentrate, meditate on what I have. On the good things people do and say. On how fortunate, blessed I am.

It was awesome timing that we finished the 12th season of the Trailer Park Boys again. I know I’ve mentioned this show before and most of you may dismiss the show as trite or downright stupid. And there are parts that are out there. Funny, hysterical even, but out there. Then there’s the fact that most of what they do is grow and smoke weed, get drunk, and go to jail.

But there’s a deeper theme of family that runs through the show. What it means to truly care about other people and a sense of community. Then there is some of the best acting you will find anywhere.

Which leads me to John Dunsworth, aka Mr. Lahey, Sunnyvale’s drunken trailer park supervisor. The man brought so much laughter and meaning to the show and the world just isn’t the same now that he’s gone. We started watching the last episode he was in and it wasn’t long before I was crying. By the time the show ended and they played a recording of Mr. Lahey talking about gratitude tears were streaming down my face.

It is so easy to forget, to take for granted all the good things we’ve experienced and have, to focus on all the irritating, frustrating shit of the world. Then there’s the family. I’m pretty sure no one can push our buttons quite like family can.

But the funniest thing happens every time I remember times when people went out of their way to help me, or said a kind word, or even hit the like button on one of my posts. Once I remember that kind of stuff then the irritating stuff isn’t quite so irritating. It’s easier to give them the benefit of the doubt and cut them some slack. And then the anger and stress melts away.

So I would have to say I agree with Mr. Dunsworth. Gratitude is the greatest currency.


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