Celebrating What’s Right

polar bear 1I share a lot of personal stories here. Sometimes I think it might be too much since most of what I share I have never told anyone face-to-face. Other than R.J. of course, but that’s different. If you can’t share the most intimate details of your life with your significant other then there’s something wrong. But that’s another post.

This post, on the other hand, is about Christmas. I know, I know, I can hear the groans from all you procrastinators out there, but it is a mere 83 days away. And, more importantly, Costco has put out most of their holiday stuff already. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the incessant Christmas carols and the cheesy commercials and – don’t hate me – most of the Christmas movies played on a loop.

But I do love Christmas. I look forward to it every year even knowing how much work it’s going to take to decorate my house and bake my cookies and shop for friends and family. And yes by the time January first rolls around I am more than ready to take everything down and try to de-glitter my house for another year.

What about the parties, some of you may wonder if you remember my introverted ways.

Yeah, those are no picnic either. It usually takes me well into the new year to recuperate and recover from them. But I do enjoy seeing how other people choose to decorate and celebrate. I think how people celebrate the holidays says a lot about them as a person. Whether they go all out and whether or not they talk non-stop about going all out. Or they complain about EVERYTHING and do it anyway. Or they are judgmental bitches who have nothing else better to do than tear other people’s traditions down.

Which brings me to why I’m talking about Christmas in October. First I need you to understand that I do not actively look for the type of posts on the Internet that will cause me conniptions. Life is way too damn short to go looking for offense. But it can still find a way in as I’m sure most of you will agree with.

This woman was simply commented on a shared friend’s post about fun, liquor-filled Christmas ornaments. I’m still undecided on the ornaments, but if used responsibly they do sound pretty cool. Of course she went on an 8 – 10 comment tirade about how much she hated Christmas and then went on the bitch about not getting paid for the forced time off – which, yeah, that sucks.

But what got me is she was complaining because she didn’t get her presents from last Christmas until a month ago because her hatred – her word – for the holiday made her refuse to go over to her parents’ house and participate in their crap – again, her word. Then she couldn’t understand why they didn’t want to come over to her house…

At first my mouth dropped open in disbelief. Did she not read what she wrote and understand how it would be perceived by other people? Did she really not see why her parents would choose to not deal with that level of anger? Especially on a day when petty grievances and offenses are supposed to be at least set aside.

Then I became angry. Irrationally, un-stoically so. I was offended. Like she came into my home and shit all over my beliefs. I’m not proud of that, but I will admit it, because it’s kind of the point I’m trying to make. No, not kind of, it is the point I am trying to make. By becoming offended by her opinions and beliefs I was no better than her. I could let that offense fester and make me a bitter, cranky bitch that no one wants to be around.

But what it really boils down to is that I do not know this woman. I will more than likely never meet this woman or even have to speak with this woman. And even if I do, do I really give a flying fig whether she approves of how I celebrate the holidays?

You guessed it, no.

Christmas is very special to me. I was never allowed to celebrate it growing up, but I would see other people’s lights and decorations and be filled with such wonder. I never understood how anyone could be cranky or angry or bitter when they had such beautiful things around them.

Every life, every day should be filled with that kind of light. The kind that makes you stop and smile and maybe be reminded that life isn’t so bad.

So instead of being offended because of what this complete stranger wrote I feel bad for her because she is choosing to complain about what’s wrong with the holiday instead of celebrating what’s right. She has loving parents who want to spend time with her and share what they have with her while some of us don’t…

And that is my second point. Before we bitch and moan and shit all over what we have maybe we should take a minute to remember that there are tons of people who would take what we have – what we take for granted – in a heartbeat and be forever grateful.

Let me be the first to wish you a happy, wonderful, Merry Christmas! No matter how you choose to celebrate it – or not!


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