Natural Selection

Park 2Let me start by saying this post is not meant to debate evolution and creationism. I will say I personally believe there’s room for both. There is no reason for faith and science to be mutually exclusive. But that’s another post.

No, I want to talk about natural selection in the sense that it seems to be disappearing. At least with human beings and our pets. I have this sense that we have started to believe that we have no natural predators. We are the top of the food chain. Nothing can hurt us.

You know, besides hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards…

And because of this we are no longer adapting. Dare I say evolving? We simply drift through life under the assumption that nothing bad can happen to us. Natural selection is something that only happens, well, in nature. Not to fully evolved beings like us.

It is this hubris that I find annoying. Especially when it finds its way into movies. And then they beat us over the head with it.

Take the latest Jurassic World movie for instance. Of course we waited until it came out on video so maybe some of the grandeur was missing from not watching it on the big screen, but damn it was an awful movie. I wasn’t expecting too much, but it was worse than even that.

I should also mention I love good sci-fi/alternate reality stories. So even though I wasn’t expecting much from this movie I was also kind of looking forward to it. But then there was a group of people who actually wanted to save the dinosaurs. And thought it was a good idea to go to the island where a volcano was about to erupt while eluding bad guys who wanted to exploit the situation.

I suppose the writers never heard of natural selection. Or firmly ignored the implications of the concept. Or maybe I was expecting too much from the movie after all…

Either way, maybe reminding ourselves that there are things in the great, wide world that can and will hurt us is the answer. And that natural selection applies to us too. After all we are nature.


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