CAM00089A little over five years ago I built our fire pit. It was quite the project because once the fire pit was in I decided we needed a patio around the fire pit. Then, because our yard slopes away from the house, I had to build a garden around the patio to contain it.

Like I said it was quite the project, but worth every drop of sweat and swear word uttered. Every summer R.J. builds fires and tries to see how long he can keep them burning. Kind of like the Olympic flame…

So the other day I woke up, looked out the kitchen window, and noticed the fire pit was empty of everything but ash. I thought for sure the Olympic flame had gone out so I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to surf the web. When I looked out the window again while waiting for my second cup to finish brewing I was surprised to see a flame shooting up from the fire pit.

The Olympic flame was alive and well!

I hurried out to the fire pit to put on fresh logs. I stoked the embers and soon there was a healthy fire going again. That’s when I stopped. That’s when something deep inside me clicked. That’s when I realized that feeding a fire – even when it is down to the embers – is much like feeding our emotions, our thoughts, our dreams.

Even when it seems like something is gone, dead, it can flare up again at the least provocation. Like my anger and hatred toward certain people. Even after I’ve made the decision to forgive them.

It was scary to see how little work it took to build a healthy fire…

Of course it could be likened to good things, too. Like breathing life into long-dormant dreams. Sometimes all it takes is a little stoking to take the embers and ash of a seemingly dead dream to a living, breathing Olympic flame.

And that is the point. What happens to us – good and bad – is a result of what we feed, what we focus on. We all have multiple fire pits, filled with raging fires, embers, or ash.

We get to choose which we will feed and which we will let die.

We. Get. To. Choose.


3 thoughts on “Embers

  1. I agree the analogy is good. We have to shut out the sources that feed those fires we want to die as we block oxygen, heat, and fuel so the a fire dies, likewise we can deprive ourselves from listening to radio, tv, internet sites that fuel the flames. And people we come in contact with that feed the fires, and in the same way, feed the fires we desire with those that bring about a raging fire. For me the Holy Scriptures are such a food., fuel, heat, and oxygen. Thanks. Btw our names are simular.

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