img523I had to break out the paint brush and roller again! It was a quick job since I only had to redo the stairway down to the basement. The fun will begin when I redo the stairs themselves, but that’s a couple of days from now.

Painting has always been very cathartic for me. Hell, I’ve even been known to cry while painting. There is nothing so beautiful as a freshly painted wall, but then again maybe it’s just me. Even if you think I’m nuts I highly recommend finding your own way of finding catharsis. It could possibly save you much time, money, energy, and frustration down the road.

The other cool part of painting for me is that it slows me down enough to start thinking straight. By focusing on doing something so manual it lets me forget about all the anxiety and stress swirling around in my mind over things I can’t control.

I can control the brush, the roller, and the outcome.

I dare you to find something cooler than that.

So what did I figure out this time?

There’s a couple of things actually. One was that I have a pretty awesome life. I’m not bragging, well, maybe a little. But, seriously, to have ended up where I’m at in my life now blows my mind. Not that I have everything I want or have done everything I want to do, but I can say I’m content.

But the second thing is perhaps more important. The second thing is that we all have options. Now more than ever.

Think about it we live in a time when we can surf the web and find hundreds, if not thousands of options for the one thing we’re looking for. Items, homes, everything is made out of just about any material you could think of. And most of the time it’s not even a matter of money.

Even us frugal people can have awesome things…

And once we get that through our thick, pessimistic heads then – only then – can we truly be grateful for and content with what we have.


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