My Own Two Hands

cardigan 2It was several months ago now that I tried knitting again. I tried when I was younger also and quickly stopped. Now that I’m older I thought perhaps I would take to it more, being more patient and all…

This is where I chuckle at myself. I may be more patient than I was but I’m still not patient enough to knit with any kind of skill. I know, I know, if I kept at then I would get better. Maybe. Probably. But I would still hate it.

And let’s face it, life is way too damn short to do anything I hate as much as I hate knitting. Okay, I feel better now. For some odd reason admitting I hate to knit is like some big confession. Probably because I was raised to enjoy crafting in general.

More likely because knitting was one of the things my mother was exceptional at. Yeah, I still have hang-ups based on my mother. Hmm, maybe Freud was onto something…

Anyway, I couldn’t let my stockpile of yarn go to waste so I started crocheting like a fiend.cardigan 1 I even made my first winter sweater and yes I’m counting the days until it’s cold enough for me to wear. Of course I may have to wait for the first below 0 degree day – it’s that warm, but hey I’m cool with that.

It was my first attempt at making a ‘wearable’ and I’m pretty pleased with the result. But more importantly I didn’t feel like pulling out my hair while I was making it. If you’ve ever crocheted or knitted or done any type of crafting you just weren’t cut out for then you know what I’m talking about.

I’ve since moved on to Christmas ornaments – I feel so-so about them, but have many more patterns to try so that’s okay. I’ve crocheted many totes and purses and again the results are only fair, but I have many more patterns for them as well so all is not lost.

cardigan 3What I have pictured here is a cardigan that I made using a pattern I found at sans fringe. I was going to add the fringe just to see if I liked it but ultimately understood that I’m just not a fringe kind of girl. Although part of me wishes I could pull it off.

I had to make a few adjustments, but it was a fairly straightforward and easy pattern. It took some time since I only worked on it an hour or two a day, but it didn’t feel as though I started something I would never even want to finish.

I’m currently working on a tank tunic to go underneath it for a cool fall look. You know, if it works out… I’ll post more on that later.

By now you may be wondering why I am departing from my stoic anthem. Well, it was sort of a necessity. Not quite a NGTS (Nothing Good To Say) proportions, but close. I needed a break.

I needed to focus on something I couldcardigan-4.jpg control outside of me. I think that’s why crafting is so important. It is a creative outlet, but it’s a controllable one. Sure there are elements of crafting I can’t control, but the outcome is mostly up to me.

Am I up to the challenge? Will I be okay with the outcome even if it doesn’t turn out like I wanted it to? How will I improve so the outcome is better next time? What have I learned about myself through this creative process?

But mostly it’s fun and relaxing. And very, very cool to be able to make something with my own two hands. You should give it a try!



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