img835I am still working my way through The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. I wrote about a chapter a while back called Are Purpose and Meaning Overrated because it resonated with me in a major way. The whole book has really, but I’m still not ready to write a complete review.

It may not be due to me reading this book, not entirely anyway, but I feel as if things are shifting for me both internally and externally. My focus has shifted. My priorities have shifted. I hope I’m not being overly dramatic when I say that the whole reason for my being has shifted.

It’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world, let me tell you, but I think it’s necessary. Shifting is just another form of growth. It’s way less dramatic than a sudden epiphany, but in some ways I think it’s more substantial.

Because shifting is done on a deeper level. Kind of like when earthquakes happen when the Earth’s plates shift. It’s not like those changes can be reversed…

Maybe Summer blending slowly into Autumn has something to do with it too. It reiterates how there are some things we puny humans have no control over no matter how much influence or money we do or don’t have. The seasons change no matter how much we hate them doing so.

So I hope you can bear with me as I navigate this shift. And know that if you’re going through your own shift you’re not alone. Oh, and I would love to hear what you think of The Obstacle is the Way so feel free to comment and share!!


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