*Review* Gods of Wood and Stone

Gods of Wood and StoneI picked up Gods of Wood and Stone by Mark Di Ionno at the library because one of the main characters was a retired baseball player and I like baseball. It also seemed to be a story about two men living at the two ends of life’s spectrum – luxury and poverty.

It was a good story. The premise was solid, but the book – the characters in particular – made me very uncomfortable. It was like when I watch a scary movie and the characters decide they absolutely must, must search the creepy old barn and I am compelled to yell at them to not do it.

I guess maybe I’m giving the average adult too much credit for figuring at least a little bit of shit by the time they reach middle-age. But, come on, at least give me a slight reason to root for a character even with all of their flaws. I mean, really, do none of these characters not see that living such extreme lifestyles is what is causing all of their problems.

That and a lack of communication.

I guess the answer is no, which is sad.

But aside from that there was some pretty cool history in the book about the Cardiff Giant and descriptions of Cooperstown, NY. I know it’s pretty hokey, but I get a kick out of reading about towns and places I’ve actually seen.

So if you want to read a pretty good story about the pitfalls of society – both modern and old-school – with a little gratuitous sex and violence thrown in I suggest you pick up Gods of Wood and Stone.


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