Magnifying Glass

billionsI just finished watching the first season of Billions. I know, I know I’m behind, but what can I say there’s only so much time you can devote to watching television. And I already spend way to much time doing that anyway.

Like many other shows I wasn’t sure I was going to like it at first. It was way over the top in many respects with bits of very technical jargon thrown in. Then there were a couple of characters that made me cringe.

But there aren’t a lot of shows that I do like from the very first episode. Hell, there aren’t a lot of books that I can stick with past the first chapter anymore. Not sure if it’s me or that writers are having trouble coming up with good story lines.

I’m glad I stuck with Billions, though. I’m not sure how accurate its portrayal of rich folk is, but it was entertaining. And stressful.

Sure it would be awesome to fly to Canada to see Metallica in concert and hang out back stage with them before the show on a whim. Sure it would be cool to have a private helicopter standing by whenever I wanted to go somewhere. Sure it would be cool to have a yacht bigger than the size of my current home.

But one thing I noticed is that no matter how much money these people made it was never enough. Even the lowly U.S. Attorney brought home 6 figures and it wasn’t enough. I guess when your kids are going to a private school that costs $70,000 a year – almost double of the highest salary I ever made – it wouldn’t be. But damn…

I could see how money could change you. Some of the characters were people who had grown up with money. Were accustomed to the lifestyle. They had no idea they could live on less and be just as happy. Probably happier.

Like I said, I’m not sure how accurate the show was, but it was interesting to get a glimpse into that kind of life. I grew up poor. I know poor. So to see the other end of the spectrum kind of blew my mind.

I’ve met people with way more money than me. Some of them I’ve even liked. I guess it depends on their comfort level with money – either rich or poor. Because I’ve met plenty of so-called poor people who were just as obsessed with money.

They never thought they had enough either…

A lot of people believe that money is the cause of all of our issues. I’m not so sure. I think the lack or excess of it is more like a magnifying glass. If a person isn’t right with themselves, doesn’t know who they are, or is just an asshole money is just going bring all that to the surface.


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