I Still Remember…

pond 2

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.

I saw this the other day on social media and it struck me hard. Because I usually do remember what it took to get here. But I’ve gotten so caught up in the next step, the next ‘where I want to be’ that I’ve forgotten.

I remember that first day when R.J. and I decided we wanted our current house and committed to do what it took to buy it. I remember the day we put our first house up for sale and I was full of hope and anticipation for a quick sale. I remember the disappointment and frustration and rejection I felt after every showing that didn’t result in an offer.

It took almost three years to sell it…

But I still believed, prayed, hoped. No matter how hopeless things seemed I knew we would achieve our goals. And we did.

So as we face our next step I can’t help but be relieved and overwhelmed at the same time. And grateful. Seriously, how can I complain? I have everything I ever wanted.

Including three published novels. Writing a novel was something I had wanted to do much longer than being a homeowner. It took me 20 years to start and finish my first novel.

20 years… Half my life…

And I still remember.

I think that’s point of this crazy thing we call life. To remember where we came from so we can appreciate where we’re at. So we can have the perseverance and fortitude to keep going even when things get hard. So we have the patience to wait for what we want with a smile on our faces.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, Mother Nature, or whatever or not. We all have things we want, goals we want to reach, dreams we want to come true. I would venture to say we’ve all prayed at one point or another. And when we reach them we need to remember the work it took and the feelings that came along with that hard work and the time we’ve invested.

So, yeah, we need to remember.


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