Pretty Freaking Awesome – Pt. 2

img976I recently wrote about the miracle in a bottle better known as sunscreen and how awesome it is to be alive now. It really doesn’t stop with sunscreen. I know there is a lot of useless crap on the market, but damn there are some really innovative, time-saving products out there.

One of these awesome products is the portable ramp we found on Amazon. I also wrote about my fur-baby, Ricky’s recent knee surgery and since there are at least three steps to get in and out of every door we have to lift him. It was a rough week or so until R.J. had the brilliant idea to buy a ramp.

Ricky is doing very well, by the way. R.J. and I are doing better, too. It was such a stressful week. It’s been quite a while since I’ve dealt with that much stress. I still have to use a sling to support his back end every time he goes out, but boy is it way easier with the ramp.

I’m not advocating buying products for the sake of buying them. Nope, there is usually a way to solve problems without spending a bunch of money. After all, a frugal life is a creative life.

But there are times when investing in a product or service makes all the difference. When it makes sense to spend wisely instead of struggling. When taking full advantage of other’s innovations makes more sense than ‘reinventing the wheel’.

It doesn’t matter if you need a ramp, sunscreen or whatever. There are some pretty nifty things out there. So if you’re struggling, stressed out get on your magic box – you know your computer – and do a search. I’ll bet you there’s something out there that will make your life easier.



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