Ricky and JulianMy fur baby, Ricky, had knee surgery a couple of days ago and came home yesterday. He seems to be doing very well so far, but damn it’s stressful. Not just for me, but also for him.

He hates going to the vet. He hates being away from his brother, Julian. He hates being around strange dogs. Add being put under anesthesia and cut open and, well, you know.

Oh, and the long row of stitches on his leg which has been shaved looks so painful.

Then of course there’s the guilt that I screwed up somehow which caused the tear in the ligament in his knee. Or that I’ll screw up his recovery and he won’t be able to walk right again. Or I won’t be there to stop him from jumping in time.

How do people do this all the time?

You know, have illnesses and surgeries and regular doctor visits. It wasn’t until after we got him home that I realized that I’ve never had a major illness or injury. Neither has R.J. for that matter since I’ve known him.

Wow. I’m not bragging. In fact, I’m humbled and extremely grateful. I dare say, blessed.

And, yes, I do mean that in the ‘there is a higher power looking out for me’ kind of way. Blessed is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days, but much like most of the English language, we have no idea what we’re saying.

Blessed has become synonymous with luck. It’s like we can’t, for one minute, entertain the notion that there can be anything bigger, greater than us. Anything good that happens to us can only be the luck of the draw. Some people even take it a step further and believe they make their own luck.


Personally I don’t want to believe I’m at the top of the food chain. That human intelligence is the end-all, be-all in the universe. Because we human beings are capable of some horrendously stupid ideas and behavior. Huh uh, no way, do I want us to be the smartest.

Then there’s the beauty and wonder in our world. There’s the magic that is nature. You cannot tell me that there wasn’t something or someone powerful behind the design of this beautiful planet and universe.

Yeah, there’s no bragging about being blessed. If you feel truly blessed it is probably the most humbling emotion you can have because you are acknowledging that what has happened to you has nothing to do with what you’ve said or done. It has nothing to do with you at all.

Ah, the world does not revolve around me…

Ricky’s recovery also gives me added incentive to maintain a healthy weight. There was a time when it was almost too painful to get up and down the stairs to my basement. My knees hurt. My hips hurt. My heart hurt, figuratively and literally.

And, yet, I still couldn’t give up the over-eating and over-drinking. Things are turning around now, thankfully, but it’s good to keep reminders front and center. I don’t recommend getting your dog – or your spouse – unnecessary surgery, but if it happens then definitely use it as motivation…

As much as it pains me to see my boy in pain at least I know we’ve done everything we could do to make sure his remaining years are filled with happy mobility. And every time I look at him I will be reminded of how blessed I truly am.


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