Renewal & Beauty

Tomato seedling 1There is so much anticipation this time of year with all of the plants returning for another season and animals scampering around. It’s hard not to be optimistic this time of year – to see the wonder and beauty of nature – to know that no matter how dark winter gets the season always leads to spring.

Well, I guess if we’re hell-bent on being miserable then I suppose it would be hard to be optimistic. But why would we want to be that way? Really all we have to do is look at the window to see how awesome this world is.

Or plant a seed. It always amazes me how fast something grows out of something so inconsequential as a seed. And if it happens to be a tomato or other vegetable plant then there’s the plus of something to harvest later on.

It’s one of the reasons why I’m getting into gardening. There’s something so special to be Geese 2able to raise something from nothing. The work involved is a bit overwhelming at first, though.

I’m not going to lie, the maintenance part sucks and that’s the part that is taking work – the desire to maintain what I’ve built. So I suppose if I remind myself of the awesomeness of nature and growing my own food I won’t be so overwhelmed by the maintenance.

And if there’s anything I’ve learned is that the things in life that are worth the most usually take the most work. Plus, it’s nice to know where some of my food is coming from…

So let’s all take a day, hour, or even a minute at the start of this spring to appreciate the renewal and beauty of the season.



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