*Book Release* Reconciliation – Book 3 Fallacy Trilogy

Reconciliation CoverToday is the day – Reconciliation – Book 3 Fallacy Trilogy is live!

‘What is the Fallacy Trilogy?’ You ask.

That’s an excellent question. One I have been trying to figure out myself and I wrote it.

I started writing the Fallacy Trilogy three years ago when I realized that an office job wasn’t going to cut it for me. I started by looking for writing contests for short stories. I figured that was a great place to start – nothing too intimidating…

I wrote a short story about a young woman named Jenny who fought demons and monsters and things that went bump in the night. She was a disillusioned hard-ass who drank too much, didn’t like people much, and loved her loyal dog, Ricky.

By the end of the first draft I knew a short story would never be enough.

Jenny Hasting became one of those characters who are awesomely flawed. She knew she was destined for things that were bigger than herself, but she also knew she was happy in her misery. She was happy with the status quo. She was happy when her life was falling apart.

She was, you know, human.

And along the way she met other equally unhappy humans who decided the end of the world was a perfect time to give up. It was these people and their lives she was able to give meaning to even as she was trying to find meaning in her own life. She also met a cast of characters who tested her, supported her, and both learned from her and taught her invaluable lessons.

Of the three books, Reconciliation is my favorite not only because it means I finished what I set out to do – yay!! – but also because it shows what’s possible when we don’t limit ourselves. It shows that our pasts do not – I repeat, DO NOT – dictate our futures.

Sure the Fallacy Trilogy deals with demons and angels and other supernatural creatures that don’t exist – or do they? But at its heart the Fallacy Trilogy is a story about people, the messes they sometimes find themselves in, and how, even when it doesn’t seem like it, people always have the strength to see their way through.

It has taken me a very long time to come to a place where judgement doesn’t live. A place where people can just be. A place where breathing doesn’t take work.

Writing the Fallacy Trilogy helped me get there. I know that reading it will help you get there too.

Where it all began –


Armageddon. Hell on Earth. End of the world. We’ve all heard the phrases. We think we know what they mean. For some it would be a time of rejoicing, but for others it would mean unbearable suffering. Then there are those stuck in the middle – like Jenny.

Jenny never wanted to believe in the spirit world. She only wanted to live a normal, quiet life with her dog, Ricky. But her world was turned upside down when all of the religious predictions and prophesies turned out to be a lie. Now she must find a way to honor the dead and save the living while trying to understand her place in this new, dystopian world.



Consequence CoverConsequence – A Prequel

All of our actions have consequences whether we know it or not.

Jenny had to learn this the hard way.

Join Jenny as she struggles with who she is and what she is destined to become.

Meet the people who shaped her and helped guide her to Hell and back. People she had to learn to trust even while they manipulated and lied to her.

Find out how Jenny became the fierce defender of humanity in this prequel to Fallacy.


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