It’s All in the Prep

img101I used to be so stressed out that I couldn’t enjoy anything. There was always so much to do and never enough time to do it. And if someone dared to interrupt me to show or tell me something that was never as important as what I was doing chances were they would walk away crying.

I can still get like that even though I try not to. It’s like life has been sped up by some vindictive, superior alien race and now they watch us all running around and hating each other. Like we’re their version of reality T.V.

So what’s changed for me? A lot actually. Not having to go into a toxic office environment five days a week certainly helps.

How does that happen? How do companies end up with a whole group of people who hate their jobs and aren’t smart enough to move on to something they actually might enjoy? I’ve thought about that a lot over the years and still only have a theory or two, but no solid reasons. But that’s another post…

Other things have changed for me too. I started writing again. It was something I enjoyed doing as a teenager, but it always seemed like a waste of time when there were so many other, more important things to do as an adult. Like being stressed out…

Then one day I found myself stuck behind a desk doing my time working for a man who wouldn’t let me do what I knew I needed to do to actually grow the business and I had enough. I knew I needed to do something for me.

So I wrote and put in my time at work and ever so slowly I began building these chunks of time when I wasn’t busy or stressed out or angry. It was weird because it seemed like the more I wrote the more time I had to do other things. I began to see good things around me. People weren’t nearly as irritating as they had been.

Of course it was easy to fall back into the old stressed out way of life. I still do, just not as often. Now my stress usually revolves around meal planning and cooking. It’s not that I can’t cook. Most of what I make tastes really good and after the fact I usually find myself thinking how easy it was to make.

But almost everyday I wake up dreading having to cook. As much as I like to eat there are still days when I would rather just not eat than have to make another meal. And it just doesn’t make sense to me…

Then the other day I was in the kitchen making another meal and I decided to do a few extra things for upcoming meals while I was waiting for the potatoes to cook. I chopped and washed lettuce. I sliced some meat for dinner – buy a meat slicer it will change your life, seriously.

And suddenly the stress was all but gone. I realized that by doing all this prep work future meals would be quicker and easier to make. It would be just a matter of re-heating and putting things together. I wouldn’t have to wonder what to make. It would almost be like some chef fairy godmother came into my kitchen and did all the work for me.

I wonder what other parts of my life would be easier with a little prep work…


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