Mayhem – *Movie Review*

MayhemI’m a sucker for a good story. I’ll give just about any movie a chance as long as it has a good story. And believable dialog. It’s sad but R.J. and I have had to abandon quite a few movies lately because they were just that bad. At home, we don’t go to the movie theater often but we quadruple check to make sure it’s a movie we’ll enjoy before we do.

So some of you may have never heard of Mayhem. I know I hadn’t. I didn’t even know the premise before we started watching or who the stars were. But thankfully it was easy to catch on early.

It stars Steven Yuen – think The Walking Dead – and Samara Weaving. We just watched another of her movies, The Babysitter. I suppose this should give you some idea of what type of movie this is. Type casting???

Probably not, but it was still a fun, little flick. Sure it was bloody and violent, but not overly so. They didn’t have extra fake blood around and say, ‘Oh, hey, let’s just severe some more limbs so we don’t waste it.’

Nope, wasn’t a slasher. It was a weird combination of Office Space and American Psycho. If you haven’t seen these two movies, please check them out. Two completely different genres, but somehow they work together, as seen in Mayhem.

So a little about the story. A virus has broken out – not of the end of the world variety, but bad enough. People get quarantined, have to face reality, and survival of the fittest is once again proven. With a side of humor and smart dialog.

Definitely worth the hour and change it took to watch it!


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