Always Something to Discover

img777.jpgI had something bad happen to me recently. Not all that bad in the grand scheme of things, but bad enough that I still can’t talk about it. It was the kind of thing that clarifies, tests, and knocks you on your ass for a minute.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Because in the process of understanding and coming to terms with what happened I figured out something else. Isn’t it wonderful and strange and completely awesome how that works?

As you may know I love house hunting. I know the process is stressful. I know that when the time actually comes for us to find the right property and actually move I will question my sanity.

But, see, what I figured out is that what I love about house hunting is the moment of discovery. When I find an area that has everything we’re looking for and there’s an abundant inventory of homes to choose from. When I find the perfect house, but it’s not on the right land, or vice versa, but I know that someday soon I will find exactly what we’re looking for. When I find out that the state I’ve been trying to run from my whole adult life is actually pretty cool and has everything we’re looking for, including decent weather. Well, better than what we have now…

So my parents made me move to Northeast Ohio over 25 years ago and pretty much from day one I swore I would leave the state as soon as I could. Yeah, well, I’m still here. Circumstances conspired against me, but I really can’t complain. Rushing things has never worked out for me, to tell the truth.

But when R.J. said he’d move anywhere I cheered internally and began searching in just about every state other than Ohio for our next home. I would love to say dream home or forever home or whatever nonsense they call it these days, but I know better. There are very few things that are forever.

Anyway, I’ve found some awesome properties. New houses. Old houses. Houses with acreage. Waterfront houses. Waterfront houses with acreage. Houses within walking distance of everything. Houses surrounded by state or national parks. You name it, I’ve found it, because R.J. likes to mix it up.

One day he wants one thing, the next it’s something different or at least a variation of what he’s requested before. It’s frustrating and challenging, but it’s also forced me to keep an open mind. I started looking in our great state of Ohio…

And wonder of wonders, I discovered Ohio is full of natural beauty. The kind we had been searching for all along. There is even a hiking trail that goes around the entire state. And part of it goes through the park where we walk regularly now.

Who knew? Not me, and that’s the point.

I think we get so caught up in ignoring what’s right in front of us, convinced it’s just not good enough, that we take for granted what we have. We close our hearts and minds and refuse to see it. We need something bright and shiny and new to be happy…

And in the process we lose the wonder we had as children when we came upon something we’d never seen before. And that’s the other point I’m trying to make. Even if we’ve lived in an area for most of our lives there is still something that we don’t know about it. There’s still some value. There’s still something to discover. There’s still beauty to behold.

It’s hard to say where R.J. and I will end up which is scary, but it’s also exciting because I know wherever we go it will be just the right place for us at the right time. I also know that I will never again dismiss anything as commonplace, because I know that I don’t know everything about everywhere. And there’s always going to be something for me to discover…

I can’t wait!!


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