What a wonderful, glorious day!

cam00069.jpgWhat a wonderful, glorious day it is today! There is no particular reason. I shouldn’t need a reason other than that I’m still here.

Sometimes that’s enough. Everything else is gravy. Including being able to write.

I write a lot about perspective and focus. The reason for that is because it is unbelievably easy to trick our minds. For such a fascinating, complex structure the human mind can be manipulated so easily sometimes.

And for such a long time I refused to think about anything that didn’t anger or irritate or frustrate me. I never made the connection that my anger, irritation, and frustration were a direct result of what I focused on in my mind.

  • Past hurts
  • Imagined hurts
  • Future hurts
  • Real and imagined mistakes (both others’ and mine)
  • Driving in traffic
  • Driving in a snowstorm

The list is literally endless. I had to stop myself there because I could feel the negative feelings building. That was all it took – 5 seconds of thinking of things that used to make me angry. That’s it.

Life is too damn short!

No more!

Sure bad things happen, but there is so much good too. And we all have the power make the good outweigh the bad. We may never have a national stage. People across the country may never know our names, but some people do. We all have a circle of influence. All of us.

And making this world a better place starts there…

So, yeah, today is a wonderful, glorious day!


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