Obstacles to a Better Life

img369I’ve been a little more focused on falling – or not falling – lately. I guess you can’t blame me since what happened to me last week. I’m glad I was able to continue that day. It made it easier yesterday when we took the same trail.

I’m usually talking a mile a minute on these hikes, but yesterday I felt the need to focus. To watch my step, literally. That’s when I noticed something.

There are all kinds of things on this trail that could trip me up, that could make me fall. Loose stones, fallen tree branches, ruts, tree roots, larger, embedded rocks. And it was the larger of these things that I don’t really have to worry about. As long as I glance at the trail in front of me once in a while I should be able to adjust to avoid the larger obstacles.

Of course if I’m talking or daydreaming I will probably still trip over them…

But what about the obstacles that barely break the surface of the road? What about rocks like the one last week that are slick because of moss, but seem dry? What about last-minute changes in direction because of oncoming runners or hikers?

Those are the kinds of obstacles for which I can’t prepare while I’m hiking. I can only hope that if I take the same trail often enough that I learn where they are and can avoid them or learn not to fall when I can’t. But we all know there are days when despite our best efforts something is going to trip us up and threaten to ruin the whole day.

So what do we do?

We’ve been mentally conditioned to ‘handle what life throws at us’, but only if it’s big and dramatic. I mean, really, who cares if that one coworker who annoys the shit out of us eats lunch like a cow at their desk again? But it’s enough to trip us up and ruin our whole day, if we let it.

Of course, there’s an alarming trend on social media to bitch – or find random quotes – about even the smallest of annoyances. So maybe I’m the only one caught of guard by my pet peeves. Or, more likely, I’m the only one who thinks of them as obstacles to having a better life.

And by better I mean happier, more fulfilling, less stressful. A life without bitching…

Think about that for a minute. Going a whole day without complaining about anything. Not that nothing goes our way. Not that we don’t have to interact with assholes or imbeciles. Not that nothing breaks or gets ruined.

But that in spite of all of that happening we don’t bitch and moan. We don’t let the tiniest of rocks or tree roots trip us up in any way. Just think about that. When was the last time we were able to go a whole day without complaining?

I know I can’t remember. Every time one of my neighbors walks their dog without a leash past my house I’m grumbling, I admit it. Or when my new neighbors – they’ve been there almost two years and they’re still the new neighbors – decides they need to till their yard at 9 at night I’m grumbling.

So, yeah, I complain everyday about something. Usually not for long. It’s a sarcastic comment or two that either only R.J. or my animals can hear, but I know it gets old.

A life without bitching. A life where anything can happen and I’m calm, cool, and collected. My feathers never get ruffled. I observe, acknowledge, and then let it go. All without comment.

Well, maybe I can still comment in written form. I like writing my blog. And I, of course, need material for my next novel.

So how about all without complaining? Yeah, that’s it.

Who’s with me?


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