Time Marches On

img450Time marches on, seasons change, and yet we still endure. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this somewhere before, but when I Googled it I only got hits on parts of the phrase – not the exact one.

So I’m claiming it!

Not that it much matters. I’m not really saying anything that anyone doesn’t already know. It’s more like we never think about it.

But how often have you been in the middle of your own shit show and thought, ‘this will never end’ or ‘I’m never gonna make it’ or ‘this might actually break me’? I’ve been there plenty of times. But I’m still here and whatever those past situations were are over.

Time marches on…

Or how about being in the middle of one record-breaking season or another? Give it 6 months and the weather will be the exact opposite – or if you’re living in northeast Ohio 6 hours.

Seasons change…

Or how about we’re over 6 months into the current Presidential administration and World War III hasn’t started yet?

And yet we still endure…

I think that’s why we focus so much on anniversaries and birthdays and milestones, because time is fluid. Without anchor points we really have no way of judging how little or far we’ve come. But sometimes it’s easy to get stuck on those anchor points.

Or maybe we get stuck on the failures, hurts, and offenses. There’s all kinds of anniversaries, but not all of them should be remembered. I don’t remember the exact day I left home. I don’t remember the exact day my mother told me she would never speak to me again. I could if I wanted to, but there are so many other things, better things, happier things I choose to measure my life by.

I could throw out a bunch of clichés right now, but this means too much to me to trivialize the matter. We all know how strong we are – or we should. All of us has a little fire, way down deep, that keeps us going even when all we want to do lay down and give up.

There were so many times – so many that I don’t care to count – when I knew I couldn’t keep going. Breathing became a chore. I felt there was really no point in even trying. Life was just too hard.

But then there was that little fire, way down deep. It almost went out a couple of times. I almost put it out a couple of times. But then the next thing I knew, hours, days, weeks had passed and I was still there. I still managed to smile and laugh on occasion. I was still able to help people. The pain lessened.

Time marches on, seasons change, and yet we still endure.



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