Richer for the Experience

img299I want to first say thank you to everyone with whom I connected on Facebook and Twitter recently. It never ceases to amaze me how many people there are out there and for a few of you to take the time to reach out to me is awesome.

I know I bitch and moan about what people do and say sometimes, but just to have the ability to talk with people halfway around the world without leaving home and experience cultures I wouldn’t otherwise be able is amazing and scary all at the same time. I’m really the only limit to who I can meet.

That being said, now I want to get to the scary part. The men who think that by calling me beautiful, and baby, and sweetie, that I will instantly start chatting with them on Facebook messenger. The half-naked girls offering free sex videos. The people who feel compelled to lie just to getĀ attention.

And I know that’s only scratching the surface…

I’ve been very careful not to fall down any particular rabbit holes which will lead me to things I don’t want to see or hear. But the ease of finding and falling makes me want to go so far off grid not even my dogs could find me…

So I’m careful. Extra cautious. I rarely comment on any post. I only like a few posts here and there. I never use the chat feature of any social media site. Never.

If I want to have a conversation I’ll go find someone I know. Talking to a complete stranger online fills me with wonder and awe and anxiety of epic proportions. I don’t trust people I’ve known for years and see on a regular basis so how in the hell could I ever trust someone who is just an anonymous face on my computer screen.

Whew, had to take a break there.

I’d like to think that I’m not the only one over thinking this whole social media thing, but maybe it is just me. There are tons of average, ordinary, every day people who don’t seem to have a problem sharing intimate details of their every day lives with complete strangers. They don’t seem to care that one of those people may use the information they’re given to harm the person posting it.

Maybe I’m paranoid.

Or just careful.

Or an introvert – a happy introvert

I guess that’s what makes this whole internet thing so uniquely cool. It’s made up of people and websites with all kinds of personalities and somehow we all find a way to connect that works for all of us. We get to meet and interact with people from all walks of life – some we like, some we don’t – and are richer for the experience.

So thank you for making me richer!!


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