DSCN0601Am I the only one disgusted with selfies? I will be honest and say that I’ve always hated having my picture taken. It’s damn near impossible to lie to myself when I see myself in a picture.

But holy hell what is wrong with people who need to take a close up of themselves and update their profile picture 5 times a day? Or when they see someone else doing it?

And don’t get me started on the poses, or the faces (when did pursed lips and arched eyebrows become attractive), or the cleavage. Holy shit the cleavage! The porn industry is going to go out of business if necklines keep lowering the way they have in the last decade.

I know I sound old and out of touch, but selfies – and the amount of them a person posts – really tells me a lot about that person. And most of it that person has no idea they are putting out there or even know themselves. It’s not just selfies, either. Every post gives others a better idea of who you are.

Granted most people are so self-absorbed they couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you, but for someone like me who studies people out of habit it becomes easy to tell what another person is really like. It becomes easy to withdraw further from society because I don’t care to interact with anyone out there any more.

But the selfies…

Oh dear God, the selfies. For the sake of your children ask someone to take your picture once in a while. They’re going to grow up thinking your missing an arm. Okay, maybe not, but come on.

Or how about taking a picture of something other than yourself and not on vacation sometime?

There are so many beautiful, wonderful things around us every day that none of us bother to capture…

This is where I sigh and sit back spent from my rant…

But seriously, I’m begging all of you selfie addicts out there. Please, please put down your phones or at least point them in a different direction than you and your pouty faces and ample bosom.

Us old farts know your young and beautiful and ironic. We get it. So for your sake just as much as ours broaden your horizons and look around you once in a while.


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