Aliens – Friend or Foe?

DSCN0646So I guess it’s not so surprising that I believe there may be life out there somewhere in the universe besides us. Could be all the movies and T.V. I grew up watching, not to mention books I’ve read about alternate universes and realities and time travel. Or, more likely, I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that the Earth is the only populated planet in the entire, vast, infinite universe.

But that’s not my question. My question is if there are aliens are they our friends or our enemies. R.J. and I got into a rather lively debate about it the other day after we finished watching Life. If you haven’t watched it yet you should. It’s intense and not at all what I was expecting.

I won’t give away the ending, but I will say they find life on Mars. Or rather cells which they grow into a life form, which then becomes hostile. Go figure.

Anyway in our debate R.J.’s argument was that if there are intelligent beings who can travel to Earth then they would be peaceful because they are more intelligent than us. They would have figured out a way to solve their problems without violence.

I guess I can see that, but then I remember the Twilight Zone episode where the alien’s book To Serve Man was really a cookbook…

If we ever are visited or more likely we bring something back with us and don’t take necessary precautions we are royally hosed. Nature – and when I use the term ‘nature’ I’m talking about anything that happens naturally in the universe – has a way of adapting and evolving that ensures its survival.

But we humans have gone soft. And flabby. And distracted.

Unless aliens show up on our computers or phones most of us won’t even know they’ve arrived. And if some astronaut actually does bring something back that is a detriment to our way of life the government will be too busy covering it up to actually give us a heads up to let us know we need to at least be scared.

This is where I stop to wonder if I’ve become too cynical. If my distrust of my fellow humans has made angry to the point where I wouldn’t care if aliens came to take over. Or maybe I can’t see how any species could learn to live in peace with us if we can’t figure out a way to live peacefully with each other. Or maybe my faith that humans aren’t breeding out intelligence with each successive generation is gone. Or maybe it’s just that our values and respect are non-existent… And those that do think they have values and a moral code are too busy cramming it down other people’s throats to actually stop and figure out how to really help them.

On second thought, maybe the super-intelligent aliens are just watching us like some stupid reality show waiting to see if we’re even worth the effort and fuel to make the trip. They laugh at all of our attempts to understand what an alien invasion would be like but give us more time because we’re just that fascinating. Like a train wreck you just can’t stop watching.

I guess in the end we just won’t know until someone or something shows up. Until then we can only hope that someone in Hollywood or a writer comes up with a scenario that is close…


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