This Crazy Adventure

DSCN0660You may remember my shameless self-promotion of my books and myself a couple of weeks ago. Well, this is sort of the same, but not, maybe. Hell, I don’t know.

All I know is that a year ago I was stuck in yet another screwed up small company working for a man who hated me, threatened me, and tried to make me quit everyday. Before that I worked for a man who never met a female he didn’t like. Well, that’s not true because if said female didn’t laugh at his inappropriate jokes and at least pretend she wasn’t repulsed by him then he hated her.

I left that place a year and a half ago.

That place was also where I decided that I had put off my dream long enough. I let nearly half of my life slip through my fingers without writing a damn thing. It was only when I had my own office and realized how meaningless that was that I knew I would never be happy working for someone else.

I would never be happy if I didn’t at least try to follow my dream.

Of course a blog was never a part of that dream. When I was younger the internet was still a sci-fi concept. Social media was the bulletin board at the local supermarket.

But here I am, blogging away and loving it. And all those ‘wasted’ years weren’t wasted after all. I like to think all that experience allows me to give greater depth and meaning to my characters and stories. I like to think that everything I’ve had and continue to have to struggle with are things that others of you also struggle with and that by sharing we can help each other.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I wrote my first blog post – a very tentative step out into the world. So much has changed and stayed the same, but that’s life. If you had asked me when I finally graduated from college where I would be in 5 years I would never have imagined it was where I’m at now.

Back then I still wanted to be a marketing professional. I still wanted to help sell shit no one needs. I still wanted to climb the corporate ladder to nowhere. My dream of being a writer still safely hidden behind the idea that I needed to live in the real world.

Oh, and that I wasn’t talented or creative or smart enough to write a book…

Well, I’ve written two now – Fallacy and Consequence – and I’m well on my way to finishing the third, Reconciliation. And then I will have written a trilogy.

Not to mention all of my blog posts…

So, yeah, I’m taking a minute to remember how all this started. How very scared I was. How very grateful and blessed I feel to have come so far in 12 short months. How very excited I am to see how far I can go.

How very honored I am to have all of you wonderful people join me in this crazy adventure…


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