I’m a Happy Introvert

img123I know as teenagers we’re supposed to think we know everything. I know I did, but looking back now it amazes me how much I didn’t know. One thing, for instance, is that I didn’t know I was an introvert. Maybe we just didn’t have a name for it yet…

On a side note, why do we, as a society who claim to be anti-labeling come up with so many names for things that are just the way some people are. Why do we have to call it anything? Why can’t we all just shrug our shoulders and say ‘oh, that’s just the way he is’ and move on? Why does there seem to be this constant struggle to identify ourselves and others as one thing or another?

Oh well, if I had the answers to those questions I’d probably be a famous shrink whose ideas would be debunked in the next century.

But back to being an introvert. I’m good with not wanting to be around a lot of people or having a lot of friends. I tried having friends and it caused me so much grief and anxiety it really wasn’t worth it. Maybe I just didn’t have the right friends or real friends or I have trust issues or all of the above. I don’t know.

All I know is that now that I have embraced being an introvert my life is filled with peace and happiness. Sure I venture out of the house to mingle with humanity on a regular basis. I go to family gatherings with a smile on my face, which usually lasts until I get there and realize that being around those people is going to cost me.

But for the most part I am happy and content with my home, my husband, my animals, and my computer. Oh, and T.V. I still love watching T.V. Maybe not as much as I used to, but it’s still a pretty big part of my life. But all in all I don’t need interaction with or attention from other people to feel okay. Usually it’s just the opposite.

So can someone please, please tell me why it is my responsibility to initiate contact with people who want to talk to me? Why do I have friends and family who insist on making snippy remarks about how we’re drifting apart and we should get together more often or call more often like it’s my fault?

And maybe it is partly. But it takes two to be in a relationship, right?

When someone calls me or invites me to do something I don’t run away and hide. I’m not a hermit. I like to go places and do things, but it would take extraordinary circumstances for me to actually do the planning and inviting.

Oh and I hate, absolutely hate talking on the phone…

Shouldn’t those giving me a hard time, those who are supposedly closest to me know this, understand this, and realize that if they really want to talk to me they need to be the one that calls or better yet texts or emails me?

In this age of acceptance and non-judgment shouldn’t people be willing to take their heads out of their asses long enough to at least meet me halfway? At least those who complain that I never call and are afraid we’re drifting apart.

People drift. Then they come back. Then they drift away again. That’s life and that’s okay.

So if you’re an introvert struggling with friends and family who just don’t get what it means to be okay with being alone I’m here to tell you you’re not alone.

Ha, that was funny…

Don’t let other people’s expectations and insecurities ruin your peace and happiness. I’ve had to work long and hard to be okay with who I am. So I’m not going to let people who only think they know me tell me I shouldn’t be okay with me. I will not let them rub their guilt off on me.

And neither should you.

Here’s to being a happy introvert!!


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