Working Out the Knots

phone 012014 004I have two dogs. They’re brothers who have never been apart. R.J. and I usually take them on our walks, but separately because when they’re together they forget any smarts they have and are very hard to handle.

Yeah, I know, training, make them behave, blah, blah, blah.

Besides, that’s not what this post is about.

We had to start walking earlier because of the heat so we thought we’d give walking them together another try. I’ll let you know how that went in a few days. I went looking for the other leash, though, and realized that someone – I know who, I just don’t want to talk about him – had tied two knots in the leash.

It’s a short leash to begin with so I’m not sure what thought process this person had to go through to actually make it shorter. And they are so tight that I haven’t been able to get them out and it’s been 4 years.

Well, today’s the day…

Amazing what necessity will do, right?

I mean the leash is still usable and I have used it from time to time over the past 4 years, but now it’s imperative that I get those knots out. They are like a symbol of everything I’ve given up on or settled for in my life.

Nope, not going to settle anymore…

I know I have other options with the leash. Throw it out or give it away – after all frugal (poor) people are willing to use what isn’t good enough for us anymore, right – and go buy a new one. Don’t think I haven’t thought about.

It’s very easy to walk away and leave a problem behind and start over. I used to do it all the time. It took me years to figure out that I wasn’t really leaving the problem – or knot – behind at all. It never took very long for the same knots to form with different people and different circumstances.

I’m not saying knots would spontaneously form on the new leash. I’m not crazy. But it would lead to a pattern of behavior that only causes more problems in the long run. It would become easier and easier to take the path of least resistance with all of my knots.

Pretty soon I won’t want to take any time at all to figure out a solution to anything. Pretty soon I’ll be throwing everything away and buying new stuff instead of fixing it. Pretty soon any problem-solving skills I ever had would atrophy from disuse. Pretty soon I would be like a whole other generation who can’t seem to figure out how to sew a button back on a shirt.

Nope, I’m working out these knots…


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