Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton (Review)

Dragon TeethMichael Crichton is a very prolific writer for being dead. I wonder how that happens, but I’ll save that for another post.

Dragon Teeth is his latest and was released last month. I enjoyed Jurassic Park a lot so I figured I would like this one too and I did but for different reasons.

It became clear early on that this book would be more technical and scientific. It had the feel of a history lesson with a dash of human interest. It was only after I finished reading it and could reflect on it that I realized what a great story it was.

It didn’t help either that I’ve never really been into dinosaurs. Sure big reptiles that used to roam the earth is neat I guess, but it’s not like I’m going to actually see one when I go to the store.

But this book had other, ‘bigger’ implications.

Take for instance that paleontologists were still discovering and naming dinosaurs in the late 1800s. Think about that for a minute. Less than 200 hundred years ago people were still tying to figure out what a Brontosaurus was.

But then again they were still trying to settle the west and fighting Native Americans…

Something about that just blew my mind. It seems we’ve been at this whole ‘great nation’ thing forever, but it’s been such a short amount of time relatively speaking. So is it any wonder that there are still arguments over the same things?

I can imagine how hard it was for people to fit giant dinosaur bones into their theories of Creation or Evolution. Because if they had been around when people were building fires someone would have said something I would think.

But, hey, I’m new to this dinosaur stuff.

All in all it was a good read. Informative, but not too heavy. And it gave me a greater appreciation of how dinosaurs were discovered.


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