I Feel Like an Idiot Every Time I Tweet

img294I used to hate Twitter. I used to prophecy its demise because who would want to send out short messages that regularly. But more importantly who would want to read them?

So I was wrong. I underestimated people’s ability to be always on and need to hear feedback from their adoring followers. Hell, Twitter promotion has become a booming business. Indie authors and entrepreneurs love Twitter not to mention celebrities.

Twitter has found its niche in the social media world. It has become an accepted way to communicate. As much as I wanted to continue to hate it and shun it once I created an account and began to follow some people I began to understand its appeal.

I didn’t have to wade through paragraphs of bad grammar and spelling just to not understand what someone was ranting about. Every tweet was short and to the point and if I really wanted to know more I could click on the link – or not.

It gave me control.

I jumped wholeheartedly on the Twitter bandwagon. I started liking and retweeting. I even sent out some promotional tweets for my novels (Indie author right here). I found some pictures I liked so I tweeted those with something inspirational or funny.

Everything was going pretty well. I have a modest amount of followers. I could probably have more but I’m not paying for them. Either you want to follow me or you don’t. I’m okay with that.

So what’s the problem?

I actually stopped and thought about what I was doing…

Can you imagine how much heartache and turmoil we could all avoid if we stopped and thought about what would happen first?

I’m not saying we could avoid all of our troubles. We can’t see the future or all the possibilities, but I’m pretty sure most of the trouble we find ourselves in could be avoided if we just stopped posting everything on social media.

As you can imagine, every time I tweet something now I feel like an idiot. Like who wants to read my opinion about everything. Or just because I like this picture doesn’t mean anyone else will.

But does that really matter?

There are billions of humans out there and most of them spend time on social media sites. We are social creatures and most of us crave interaction on some level – even the most introverted. We’re all searching for a group where we can belong.

So the odds of someone finding my posts, tweets, or blog and relating to them are pretty good. And for those that don’t that’s their problem.

Doesn’t mean I still don’t feel like an idiot when I’m trying to make a point with only 140 characters and it takes forever.

But I’m sure some of you feel my pain…



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