What I Learned from Lego Video Games

I’m not too big on video games. My reaction time is too slow usually and I get stressed out when there’s a time limit. And now that they are pretty much just like a movie they can also scare the holy hell out of me.

Plus, what adult has time for video games? And why would anyone responsible person waste their precious time playing them?

That’s what I used to think before some genius at Lego decided to make a video game out of their popular character/movie kits. There’s a whole bunch of them now including Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Batman, and many more.

The older ones are a bit frustrating because they still had to work out all the bugs, but the new ones are awesome. The best part is that you can play with another person. The worlds are huge and very interactive with a lot of stuff to smash and find. There are a few timed activities but most aren’t too bad since it only takes a few tries to beat them.

So why do I think Lego video games are so great? Other than being a great way to forget about all the other crap life usually throws at us, they are a great team-building experience. You can learn a lot about the person who is playing with you during the course of the game. Hell, you can learn a lot about yourself.

Like which activities for which each of you are best suited. How much patience you really have.. And whether or not you can work with someone to achieve a common goal.

I know, I know, how can a kids’ game actually reveal all of that? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. You find out very quickly if the person you’re playing with – and you – is good at sharing, pulling their own weight, and teamwork. And if either of you aren’t your gaming experience is going to be awful. I won’t say it will end a marriage, but it will make you think twice before you start a real project with that person.

Yes, playing Lego video games is that revealing.

Thankfully, I’ve got a great partner. Each of us has our own strengths and preferences which make the games fun and entertaining while keeping our middle-aged minds nimble. That’s another great thing about these games. You definitely have to put your problem-solving caps on to solve some of the puzzles.

So I would definitely recommend picking up one of these games the next time you’re looking for something to do with your significant other that doesn’t cost much money and will allow you to actually interact with one another.

Oh and they would be great for your kids too!


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