Baseball Season is Upon Us!

indiansI love baseball! I didn’t used to. I grew up not knowing anything about professional sports. Hell, I didn’t know anything about sports period since I never really played in any organized team sport. Unless knocking on doors could be considered a sport…

But, thankfully, I was introduced to baseball in my late teens. This kid I was going out with at the time was a huge baseball fanatic so if I wanted to have a conversation with him I needed to learn at least about the home team. It was a great time for that because they went to the World Series that year. Didn’t win, but at least they made it.

They had a rough decade or two, but I’m hopeful now. The team is full of players who look like they actually want to play and are pretty good. Fingers crossed!

I still remember the first game I went to at the stadium. All the people and the fresh air and the hot dogs! I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, though. My grandma used to watch the Cincinnati Reds on television when I was a kid and I remember thinking how boring it was.

But there is something electric about being at a live baseball game. You see the players down on the field warming up and the anticipation starts to build. Then the home team takes the field and the crowd jumps to their feet, cheering.

Then there is just the fact that you’re able to sit and take in the day. Sure there’s plenty of people still texting, emailing, working at a baseball game, but if you’re so inclined you can unplug. You can feel all the tension melt away as you stand and cheer. You can stop and ‘smell the roses’.

Then, if you’re lucky, you get to see one of the sport’s top pitchers face off against a real heavy hitter. It becomes a competition between two people. Will the pitcher be able to paint the corners to get the close calls? Or will the batter be able to extend the strike zone? Who will ultimately have the patience to best the other?

If you need non-stop action in your sports baseball isn’t for you. Baseball takes skill and practice, which in turn takes patience and determination. I’m also a big fan of patience and determination…

So as the boys of summer are gearing up for another season the fans eagerly await the first crack of the bat, the first ‘strike’ call, and the first warm spring day to enjoy a game.

Here’s to another great baseball season!


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