Trusting Your Gut


img200.jpgHere’s a little secret. I love the show ‘NCIS’. The fact that it’s been on as long as it has kind of tells me I’m not the only one. It’s got drama, comedy, suspense, love, heartache. What’s not to love?

*This is where R.J., my husband, rolls his eyes and leaves the room. He’s not a fan…*

If you’re familiar with the show then you know about Gibbs’ famous gut. His creepy, otherworldly intuition and how it helps him find the bad guys and protect the victims. Sure he’s flawed and has his demons, but that’s what makes it so easy to identify with him.

I know, I know he’s a fictional character. But he’s a good one to look at. Have you ever noticed that he doesn’t say much? I sometimes think that’s what makes it easier for him to listen to and follow his intuition. If he needed to hear himself speak all the time it would be hard to hear anything else.

Then there’s the confidence he exudes most of the time. Sure he has moments of doubt, but he soon rights himself and continues to move forward. He is a man who knows who he is and has made his peace with it while still continuing to grow.

Hmm, maybe that’s why it’s so easy for him to ‘trust his gut’.

Again, I know this is all make-believe, and anyone could do what Gibbs does because he has someone writing for him. He is an idealized version of a man, flaws, mistakes, and all. But I think we can still learn something here.

Like not talking all the time. Silence is not a bad thing. Running our thoughts through a filter before we share them is not a bad thing. If we all took a minute to observe and listen how many misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and offenses could be avoided?

Most of our communication is non-verbal, so why are we so hell-bent on talking all the time? Have you ever stopped to listen to yourself to see if what you’re saying contradicts your body language? There’s a good chance it does at least some of the time.

What would happen if we all took some time to get out of our own heads and stopped thinking about us? If we really took a good look at those around us to see if they are hurting just as much if not more than we are? If we took a deep breath and said, ‘it’s not all about me’ and then try to really help someone else?

I suspect that our priorities would shift and our perspectives would change. We may even come to know that always needing attention is a problem. Or that always being recognized for the good that we do is overrated. There are way too many awards and trophies in our society today.

If we were able to confidently and quietly go about our business I think it would make it easier to ‘trust our gut’ because we would have the unshakable knowledge of what and who we are. Imagine coming to a place in your life where you know – I mean really know without a doubt – who you are and more importantly who you want to be.

Because it’s not the destination we should be living for. It’s not the stuff. It’s not even other people. We should strive for that unshakable knowledge that no matter what happens, no matter what our circumstances are, no matter what past we’ve come from, we will survive, we will thrive, we will continue to grow.

And that knowledge is not handed out freely. It takes work. It takes sacrifice. It takes some colossal mistakes. It takes the humility to admit and strength to take responsibility for those mistakes.

But it’s worth it. Otherwise why would there be a character like Gibbs? Why would millions of people watch the show every week or even the re-runs?

It’s because deep down we all want to have someone like Gibbs in our lives – someone we can depend on and trust. But instead of wishing for someone else like that what if we became that person? What if we were the rock, the steadying influence, the one with the unshakable confidence?


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