You’re gonna miss this…

img384.jpgIt’s no secret. I love country music. Not all of it, but most. Like any genre it has talented musicians and singers and then it has people who are mediocre at best but have the right look. Even those performers have an occasion song or two that speak to me.

And that’s what I look for in any song. It has to hit me on a deeper level. Well, except for the boy bands I grew up with and most pop music, but that’s another post.

Now I want to talk about a song by Trace Adkins, entitled ‘You’re gonna miss this‘. It came out in 2007. Wow, hard to believe it’s been 10 years already, which is kind of the point of the song. Any song really. If it’s a favorite that stands the test of time you always remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard it for the first time.

I like to listen to this song from time to time not only because it helps me remember but also because it forces me to stop and really look at what I’m doing now – not what I did last week or am going to do tomorrow – now. The good, the bad, and the stuff I wish I couldn’t remember later.

I’m all for planning and looking at the big picture when making decisions, but sometimes I have to stop and appreciate what I have and what it took to get me here. There is so much pressure to do more, be more, have more that once I have the more I wanted yesterday it’s not enough.

But it is enough…

Listening to that song helps me remember good times that get shoved aside when I think of all the horrible shit that happened to me. And I realize that, yes, there are some things about my childhood that I miss. Things that helped shape me into the person I am today, good and bad. Things that I may or may not have wanted to happen, but they did so now I’m left with a decision.

Do I focus on the bad? Do I focus on the lack? Do I focus on the negative?


Do I focus on what the bad has taught me? Do I focus on the appreciation I have now because of the lack? Do I focus on the empathy I’m able to have for others who are dealing with negative circumstances now?

But maybe more importantly I can allow myself to miss my childhood in a healthy way. In a way that doesn’t cause twitches and sobs. In a way that allows me to use that pain for the benefit of my friends and family now.

This is why I love music, not just country music, almost all music. Almost…

So find a song today you haven’t listened to in a while, but has always meant something to you and listen to it again. Let it speak to you. Let it lead you to a place of reflection. Let it help you find out who you are.


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